Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Budget vs High End | Mascara

essence lash princess volume mascara review

Welcome to another episode of Budget vs High End, a series in which the beaut Grace Bee and I collaborate to talk about our favourite of favourite beauty products, with one of us discussing high-end, and one of us talking drugstore!

As you can tell from the title, today's post is all about mascara, and once again, I'll be doing the talking when it comes to drugstore beauty, with Grace featuring high-end on her blog - read her post here!

Unlike our previous foundation post (you can read mine here and Grace's here ICYMI), I actually struggled with this one and had to think for a while about which product I wanted to feature. This year I've grown to love a handful of mascaras, rediscovering old ones, and trying out new ones I adore. Mascara is always something I've been quite picky about as I've never been blown away by any, even tho I enjoy a lot of them and love a lot of them. I think my standards are actually just too high though, I'm kinda just like, if it's not going to make me look like I've a pair of Ardell Demi Wispies on, then it's not that great, haha.

Initially I wanted to talk about Technic's Lashitude mascara, but I already spoke about that recently in a post [now removed], so I didn't want to repeat the same thing. Instead, I thought I'd shed light on a product that has quickly stolen my heart. I actually use this first and add Lashitude mascara on top, but I'll get to that soon.

The product I'm talking about is the Lash Princess Volume mascara by Essence. Truth be told, I picked this up months ago, possibly even back in 2015, actually. I don't know what drew me in, but I was looking and hoping for something that gave me both some volume and length. I used to be obsessed with volumising mascaras but found myself always adding length to my lashes with a separate mascara on top (more often than not, Technic's Lashitude mascara), so I was after something that could do both.

I love that the brush on this is never thick and goopy with product - I find that a lot of mascaras are, especially at the ends of the wands where product often builds up. It lifts and separates lashes but if you turn the brush a certain way, it can add volume too - it just depends on what side you use. I always build this mascara up from the base and then touch up the ends afterwards to add more length. It's crazy how much more length a second coat can add! I find the formula to be a little wet at first but it's a mascara that I think I prefer when it's fresh and new as there's less risk of clumping. Also worth noting is that it's not waterproof and I find that by the end of work, I usually have smudging under my eyes.

You can find this little gem in store at Wilko's or on their website, if you're in the UK, and it retails at a mere £3.30 - you don't need to worry too much about trying a product when it's that cheap. Essence is a cruelty-free brand, too.

If you haven't clicked the link already, check out Grace's post here. Have you tried any of the Essence mascaras?


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