Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Budget vs High-End | Highlighter

barry m cruelty free illuminating strobe cream highlighing stick review swatches

In the last two months, Grace and I have had a ton of fun collaborating together on our series Budget vs High-End, and this month we are coming together for another episode in the series - this time we're focusing on highlighter! For Grace's post, make sure to click here

I could talk so much about my favourite highlighters as I have so many, and most of my favourites are drugstore bought products that have cost me less than a fiver. That said, I have such evident favourites that I often find myself talking a lot about the same bunch of products instead of shedding light on new ones, and I often neglect to mention many in my collection. One such product for me is the Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream. It's a recent launch that hit the stores this year after the strobing trend exploded. I'm no master at strobing or contouring - it's something I'm constantly working on to try and get better at but I find with contouring that some days are better than others. As for strobing, I'm not someone to splash that highlighter across every inch of my face - I stick to my cheekbones more often than not. Some days I want all the shimmer, but some days I want just that dewy glow.

For those days, one of the products I reach for the most is this Barry M strobing stick. It's a gianormous twist-up crayon, except it's way fatter than your average lip or eye crayon. I find this style of product to be so easy to use and apply, and it fits so perfectly along the tops of the cheekbones. This buy from Barry M comes in two shades: Frosty Pink and Iced Bronze. The bronze is more of a golden tone than straight up bronze to me, whilst the pink is exactly what you'd expect. I have the pink shade as I already own Collection's Speedy Highlighter which has a similar golden tone. I love the Collection one, but I must admit that Barry M's offering is a little softer and creamier to apply. It doesn't drag on the skin like I find Collection's one to do sometimes. All you have to do to apply this is to run it along the areas you wish to glow - in my case, I apply it to my cheekbones - and then blend the edges a little with your fingertips. That's pretty much all there is to it. Not only is it dreamy to apply and so quick that it's great for taking on the go, it's also not going to disappear from your skin. For best results, use a setting spray over your makeup, and a primer underneath, and you're good to go!

As this is a cream product, it also makes a great base for your powder highlighters as it adds an extra shot of intensity to the powder products. I find the colour looks exactly as it does in the tube, a pearly, frosted pink that's amazing at catching the light. There's no shimmer or glitter to this, it simply adds some straight up glow to your face and illuminates the places that the sun would normally hit.

barry m cruelty free illuminating strobe cream highlighing stick review swatches

You can find this beauty in Superdrug, Boots and online for £4.49. Have you tried the strobing trend? What do you make of this highlighter? Make sure to check out Grace's post here!


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